artist + animator + cosplayer

*prefer you use Mei if you don't already know me

♡ she/her
♡ 24
♡ half chinese
♡ FFXIV: Honey Wheat @ Faerie | Aether

Hi! I'm an SVA animation grad (2020). I make art. I also like cosplaying as a hobby.

I do commissions from time to time!

DM / contact me for inquires

[email protected]

⚠ Please ask before reposting my artwork. Using it for icons/etc is okay with credit

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Commission Info

These are just rough estimations to give you an idea of price, it will all vary depending on the style requested and your specific needs! You can view my portfolio website linked on my main page to see full examples of my work. Prices are in USD.This info is for personal commissions and not contract work, if you want me to work on your project as freelancer/contracter please contact me!


$10-$25 Depending on complexityDefault is no colorAdd rough color: $5+


Icons: $20+
Headshot: $30
Half Body: $40
Full Body: $50
Default Includes flat colorAdd:
+ Complex Shading: $10+
+ Another Character: $20-$40
+ Background: $10-$40


For twitch, or etc
Standard emotes: $15/each
Animated emotes: $25+each
Discounted when purchasing as a set/bundle


Please note I am NOT open for long term projects such as animation with multiple scenes/shots, or music videos etcSimple loop: $50-$150
Complex single shot: $150+
Simple animation meme: $200+++


  • Please wait for your commission to be approved before sending any payment or materials. I take on commissions as I have the time for them and am not always available, or may be uncomfortable with your request

  • Payment through Paypal or Venmo

  • Half of the payment will be paid upfront, the other half after the commission is complete

  • If you intend to sell or monetize the artwork, let me know and we can discuss an additional fee for those rights

  • I will send WIPs through each stage, please note any major revisions you need in the sketch phase only

  • Refunds allowed if I have not started your piece, otherwise a partial refund may be considered. No refunds on completed commissions

  • I don't usually post commissions unless requested

  • Light NSFW/suggestive okay

  • Gore okay


  • @ Faerie (Aether)

  • DNC + CUL

  • Come visit her Panera Bread!! :)

(The Goblet / W17 / Sultana's Breath Apmts (SUBDIVISION) / Room 5)


  • @ Midgardsormr (Aether)

  • LNC + RPR

  • Born to be G'raha's goth gf. still processing her thru msq so we'll see how that goes